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Do you know it is time to add IPv6 to your network, but you aren’t sure where to start? Let us help. Below is a growing list of companies and individuals who have represented that they offer IPv6 consulting and training services.  

If you or your organization provides IPv6 network consulting or training and would like to be included on this list, please request a wiki account and add your entry to the list in alphabetical order.


Company NameType of Training OfferedService AreaWebsite and/or Public contact Email
  • IPv6 - Training, Strategy, Planning, Design, Consulting
  • IPv6 - Security audit, Penetration testing
  • IPv6 Forum Certified Course (Gold), CCIE and IPv6 Forum Certified (Gold) Trainer(s)
Norway, Nordics, Europe, International

Florian Consulting Inc.
  • IPv6 Consulting, Design and Deployment
Calgary, AB,
Hoyos Consulting LLC
  • IPv6 Consulting, Design and Deployment
USA & International

  • IPv6 Cloud Hosting

DeLong Consulting

Owen DeLong

  • IPv6 Training
  • IPv6 Forum Gold Certified Instructor
  • We bring the training lab to you
SF Bay Area
World (with T&E)
Jacob D Evans, Consulting
  • IPv6 Email, DNS, and Network Deployment
  • IPv6 Consulting for Private Datacenter
  • IPv6 Consulting for MSP Hosting Providers

Megawire Inc

  • IPv6 Network Deployment
Ontario, Canada


Network Utility Force
  • IPv6 Forum Certified Training
  • IPv6 Architecture, Planning, Design, Deployment and Consulting
  • IPv6 Security



  • IPv6 Consulting

  • IPv6 Transition Project Management

  • IPv6 Forum Training, Courses & Certifications:

    • Network Engineer (Silver)

    • Network Engineer (Gold)

    • Security Engineer (Gold)

    • Trainer (Gold)



Teach Me IPv6

Jeff Carrell

  • IPv6 Forum Certified Training
  • IPv6 Consulting, Design and Deployment
US & International

TeKnowledgy, Inc.

  • IPv6 Design, Deployment, and Management

  • Offensive & Defensive IPv6 Cybersecurity Training
  • IPv6 Integration for Security Operations Center's (SOC)
  • IPv6 (and dual stack) Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • IPv6 Audit, Assessment & Penetration Testing
US & International

Auspex Technologies
  • IPv6 Consulting, Design, Deployment, Management, Training, and Security
USA & International

S.J.M. Steffann
  • IPv6 Consulting (Strategic, Planning, Architecture, Security, Design, Labs, Deployment)
  • IPv6 Training (Beginner, Advanced, Custom, Hands-on)
EU & International

Sunny Connection AG

  • IPv6 Consulting (Strategy, Planning, Architecture, Labs)
  • IPv6 Training
    • IPv6 Essentials Workshops for Architects, Engineers and Developers
    • IPv6 Planning Workshops for Decision Makers
Based in Switzerland
All services offered internationally


Tim Martin
  • IPv6 Enterprise Design, Planning, Consulting
  • Cisco training for organizations with an active IPv6 plan
US Public Sector

runningdownstream consulting, LLC
  • IPv6 strategy, readiness assessment, roadmap development
  • Business case development
  • Training
USA - mid-large scale enterprise
SI6 NetworksImage Added
  • Hands-on IPv6 Hacking Training Courses
  • Hands-on IPv6 Deployment Training Courses
  • IPv6 consulting

  • IPv6 Network Design, Planning and Consulting for Enterprise, Service Providers and Data Centers
  • IPv6 Training
Norway / Northern Europe

  • IPv6 Consulting (Strategy, Planning, Architecture, Design, Deployment)
  • IPv6 Certified Training
    • IPv6 Foundations (Instructor led, lab based, on site or remote)
    • IPv6 eLearning (Learn IPv6 or prepare for IPv6 Certification)
  • IPv6 Forum Certification
  • Tools for measuring, assessing and troubleshooting IPv6 services. Make the transition deterministic!
 US & International 

  • Service-provider IPv6 Consulting, Design and Deployment with an emphasis on Juniper Networks
US & International

Portlandia Cloud Services

  •  IPv6 webhosting, Consulting, Cisco Systems expertise, Linux & Windows server management

The IPv6 consultants and trainers listed above have represented that they provide IPv6 services and wish to be included on this list. ARIN neither endorses nor guarantees the services provided by these organizations. ARIN makes no representation as to the quality or suitability of services offered. ARIN is not responsible nor is it liable for any content, data, products, goods or services provided by or through these organizations. We suggest that you undertake a reasonable amount of due diligence and research into any potential provider that you deem necessary or appropriate before engaging any such provider. If you seek additional information regarding any entity on this list, we invite you to please contact them directly.


In order to keep the Internet growing, organizations must "Get6" now to ensure their future success in a changing web environment. Find out how to make the case for the transition to IPv6 at the website!