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Calix: The Largest Communications Equipment Supplier Focused Solely on Access

Several hundred service providers operating tens of millions of access lines depend on Calix to power their access networks. Industry-leading solutions deployable throughout the access network enable a rich set of information, communication, and entertainment services over any combination of fiber and copper, thus helping Calix customers gain a competitive edge. And an extremely high degree of integration and robust service management allow Calix customers to operate their access networks at the lowest possible cost. Massive service capacity over extreme operational efficiency—these are what make Calix an ideal access partner.

But Calix goes beyond innovative, future-hedging access network solutions; we simplify all aspects of the service deployment process. A tightly integrated vertical supply chain improves quality and scale while reducing lead times. A broad set of Calix Compatible partners ensure smooth and fast deployment of leading-edge, IP-based services. And a host of no-cost service and support functions dramatically simplify training, troubleshooting, and network upgrades. Calix makes it simple.

They can be contacted at:

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