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United States Government

The United States federal government has taken a three prong approach to IPv6.

  • Military networks: Transition mandated by the Department of Defense
  • Civilian government agency networks: Transition mandated by the White House
  • Private networks: The Department of Commerce concluded in 2005 that the transition should be left to market forces, with the believe that US government transition efforts (DOD and civilian) would help drive the market.

In the process of transition, the US Government has produced a significant amount of documentation concerning implementation, testing, security, and other issues, that may be useful to other networks. These documents have been listed and linked on this wiki.


Federal Agency with Responsibility

Military Networks

US Department of Defense

US Civilian Agency Networks

White House

  • CIO Council
  • IPv6 Task Force

Specifications | NIST |

Testing | NIST |

Security |